Games Day Budapest 2016 - incoming event

The biggest wargame event in Hungary is the "Games Day Budapest". There are usually more fantasy and sci-fi tables on the show than historicals. Some historical wargamers put together 3-4 tables every year (there are about 25-30 tables on the show in average). The themes of these historical tables used to be WWII North Africa, American Civil War, SAGA or some kind of medieval wargames.


Marching crossbowmen figures

Last time, after I finished the "Light Cavalry" set, a lot of arms with crossbows remained, because all of my horsemen from the set have lances. I decided to utilize these arms and crossbows in order to make foot crossbowmen.


Mercenary heavy cavalry of King Matthias- finished unit

After a month break in my blog I am back again. During this time I have finished some crosbowmen and handgunners (unfortunately I do not have photos of them) and a full unit of mercenary knights.