Hungarian hussars - finished unit

My unit of 15th century hussars is fully completed. After the conversions and assembling, the painting of the colorful clothes took a long time.

The "home made" lances got nice paper lance flags with St. George cross on them. The heraldry and the motifes of the shields are from real Hungarian 15-16th century hussar shields. One of them has a Serbian and an other has a Croatian shield. This simbolises that a lot of Serbians and Croatians fought in the hussar units of King Matthias.

Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian hussars

Hussarcaptain with mace

Hungarian hussars

Hungarian hussars

The flag of the unit is based on the woodcut shown in Bonfini's chronicle about King Mathias - the later version. It's a later resource (1540s), but in my opinion this kind of christian flag was typical in these times so we also can allow it for 15th century hussars. At first I drew the pattern of the flag with pencil on paper and next I painted it.


  1. I just admired your work on Benno`s Figure Forum, and hopped over onto your blog to say hello.
    Nice Work,by the way. Splendid in fact!
    I did similar with flags but then printed mine out. Well I get pushed for time being very busy these days.
    Bye for now BB

  2. Hi! Thank you!
    Unfortunately this hussar flag is a very special one so I couldn't find it on internet for printing.