Italian Allied Legionaries - Finished unit

Nearly half of the Republican Roman troops consisted of allied warriors. There is not much information about them, but probably they were similarly equipped as their Roman comrades (maybe except for the allied cavalry).


Battle of Asculum - battle report

As I mentioned before in my posts, there is an annual historical wargaming event in Hungary, called Historikum, that I have participated in several times. This time on Historikum together with other wargamers we managed to set up a large Pyrrhic vs Roman table. The total ammount of figures on the table was 761 and from that 124 were painted by me. According to the setup, the game was the refight of the battle of Asculum 279 BC.


Equites - finished unit

In every battle that I fought so far with my Republican Roman army, the absence of Roman cavalry was a major issue I had to face. Therefore it was crucial to paint some units of cavalry. Now the first step is done to solve this problem: I painted three units of equites. More light cavalry are needed later on to represent the allied cavalry contingent.


Hastati & Principes - finished unit

Two more units were added to my Republican Roman Army. With these hastati and principes finally I can field two complete Roman divisions in the Hail Caesar system. Next task to paint will be the cavalry...


Timarli sipahis - finished unit

My Ottoman Army project was on hold for a long time. But at the beginning of this year I finally painted a new Ottoman unit.


Republican Roman Mounted Generals - Finished Unit

As I went on with painting my Republican Roman Army, it was necessary to make commander figures. I did choose the 'Mounted Roman Generals' set of Victrix Miniatures. This set is designed for early imperial period, but it has parts which are suitable for earlier Roman times too. Also I converted some bits from the Victrix's Republican Roman cavalry box.


Pyrrhic vs Republican Roman - battle report

As I mentioned before in other posts, there is a Hungarian wargame event called Historikum held several times a year. In this September together with my friend we fought a Hail Caesar battle on this event. My Republican Roman army encountered his Pyrrhic force. This battle report is written by him:


Triarii - finsihed unit

The best and most experienced soldiers in the Republican Roman Legion were the triarii. They were recruited from the wealthier and older citizens who had been participated many campaigns throughout their life. Obviously my Republican Roman army needed some units of triarii - in this case two units of them. In contrast with other legionaries, triarii used hasta (spear) instead of pilum and also had more armour.


Republican Roman Velites - Finished Unit

 After a longer pause, I could continue to work on my Republican Roman Legion. This time velites infantry was painted.


My Hungarian War of Independence Collection

I collect both sides: the Austrian Imperial Army and the Hungarian Honvéd Army in 15 mm for 1848-49. These are the pictures of the figures I painted so far: